Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is Genital Herpes Curable: Separating the Facts from Fiction

Before coming to the facts, let me ask you some straight questions.

How many sites you have visited so far and how many articles have you read? In spite of all  your efforts, what answers you got?

Isn't it correct that you are still confused?

Why is it so difficult to answer a simple question such as "Is genital herpes curable?"

Before we can answer this simple question, we have to define or understand the word "Cure." To get a detailed understanding of cure check this page on Genital Herpes Cures.  This will  open in a new window.

If you have not gone to that page and are reading this line, I strongly urge you to go to that page. If you still don't want to go there it's OK. Read on.

The Down side:

Now that you know what a cure can be, you know the answer. Genital herpes has no cures so far. I am not telling that it will never be cured, but as on to-day it  is incurable. There is no way we can throw this virus out of our body.

Once somebody gets infected with this virus, it is difficult to get rid of the damn thing. It starts the preliminary symptoms and you know something is wrong.  You have all the symptoms of  HSV infection.

Diseases are of two types, Acute and chronic.

The acute diseases run a course of prodome, progress and decline. It means after the infection, the disease develops, then runs its course and then either automatically gets cured or kills the patient. Small-pox, Chicken-pox and cholera are few of the examples.

But, the chronic diseases don't have the decline stage. They keep on coming at regular intervals. Whenever the vitality of the patient goes weak, the disease relapses. Same thing happens in the case of genital herpes.

So, can genital herpes be curedNO.

However, it can be managed very well with little effort. There are so many cases where people have successfully managed this.

The Hopeful side:

It is well known that genital herpes is not a killer disease. The fearsome aspects of HSV are fewer. Following are the main causes of worry in herpes, though this list is not exhaustive.

The painful outbreaks

The prodome and progress of herpes are very painful. The damn thing appears exactly when you don't need it. You can't attend important professional or social  occasions. Even if you dare to attend, it is very stressful.

If you can stop these outbreaks, you solve more than 50% of genital herpes. The good thing about a relapse is, in most of the cases, it foretells its arrival. You get all sort of tingling, smarting and burning pains in your private parts. You have 24 to 72 hours to stop this outbreak. If you know what to do exactly, you can stop the relapse 99%. Even if it comes, it will be very mild and will stay for a day or two.

If you want to know "How," go to "Natural Treatments for Genital Herpes" page. Do come back later for the rest of this post.

Termination of relationships

The moment you are tested positive for herpes, all your relationships go haywire. Further you can not date with normal people. If you are dating somebody, you are afraid you may infect him/her.

There is a misconception that an infected person can only infect when there are sores on the genitals. But, the facts are far from truth. In most of the cases, where people undergo courses of anti-viral medication, the virus remains active enough to infect the sexual partners. Even using of contraceptives can not guarantee safe sex.

But, there is another state where the virus goes into a state of hibernation / inhibition.

Side effects of medication

After testing positive, some people go for anti-viral medication. There are some who go into a quackery of self medication in the name of natural treatment. The  patient, not knowing where to go, keeps on trying different methods. Most of these are very harmful methods and seriously jeopardize your well being. These methods may stop relapses, but you will lose your health to such an extent that you can even digest your food or you will need medication for sleep. Stay away from such natural methods.

The emotional turmoil

The greatest problem people with herpes face are the anguish of social stigma. You feel bad when somebody, even if he/she is your best friend, inquires about the eruptions on / around your mouth. People can not have spontaneous sex. Relationships break or strained. If the patient can reach a stage where there is no risk of infecting the sexual partners, the rest of the 50% of herpes is solved. The emotional turmoil will no longer bother him / her.

So, is genital herpes curable? NO.
But, it is certainly manageable!