Sunday, February 6, 2011

Genital Herpes Treatments with Herpeset

The trauma of a genital herpes infection can only be understood firsthand. It is like adding insult to injury when one finds out that there is no permanent cure to this disease.

Genital Herpes Treatments available around fall into two distinct categories, namely anti-viral and immuno-boosting. The former tries to weaken or suppress the functioning of the HSV-II virus where as the latter tries to boost the immunity system of the patients’ body. Each system has its pros and cons, but the suppressive system is surely more harmful for the patient than for the virus. When surely the virus adapts to this type of medication, the patient surely falls a victim to it.

Why Herpeset is a better option

Herpeset does not suppress

It does not suppress the disease like other anti-viral medication. It treats the symptoms homeopathically and hence is safer.

Herpeset is from a FDA registered company

With so many types of genital herpes treatments available in market, it becomes overwhelming to choose the genuine ones from the rest. If the company manufacturing the product is a FDA registered one, it becomes easy to trust.

It is a Homeopathic formula

Homeopathy is a principle of applying a medicinal substance to a disease, based on the totalities of the symptoms. The guiding principle is “Similia Similibus Curenteur” or “Like cures Likes”. The ingredients chosen for herpeset are capable of creating similar symptoms as genital herpes on healthy people if taken internally.

The medicinal substances are taken mostly from plants, animals, metals and minerals. Homeopathy uses a unique method called  ‘potentization’ to develop the dynamic power of a substance, which is carried by a medium of  100% alcohol. .  The physical quantity of the medicinal substance is negligible in a homeopathic preparation. You can test this by allowing the alcohol to evaporate from the vial of any homeopathic preparation (not the mother tinctures).  As the material quantity is negligible, there is no chance of  side effect.

Most of the products found in the market target very few symptoms where as  the ingredients used in Herpeset help address a wider spectrum of symptoms. With continued usage for four to six months, it offers complete relief with no recurring attacks.

Following are the nine constituents of Herpeset formula:

  • Apis Mellifica: The material is extracted from the stings of honeybees.  It helps relieve rosy hue on skin, swelling and puffing up of various parts, stinging pain and burning sensation, intolerance to heat and touch, soreness and fluid retention.

  • Arsenicum Album: the source is metallic Arsenic.  Arsenic has been used for centuries to treat tumors, malignant ulcers, skin diseases and infections, and burning sensations with blisters. It cures extreme restlessness.

  • Baptista Tinctoria: The source is wild indigo. It cures symptoms of  asthenic type, low fever, septic conditions of the blood and putrid conditions like typhoid. It works on reducing the inflammation associated with mouth ulcers.

  • Capsicum: The source is Cayenne Pepper.  It is a great curative for affection of the mucous membranes, so very useful for curing sores inside mouth and vagina. Capsicum is on FDA’s GRAS List of safe foods. It is a powerful pain killer  and it reduces inflammation.

  • Dulcamara:  The source is Woody Nightshade. It is also known as “Bittersweet” also.  It has a special affinity to skin and mucous membranes and it is very effective against itching on moist eruptions around the face and genitals. It is very effective for genital herpes in women.

  • Echinacea Augustifolia: The source is Purple Cone Flower.  Echinacea are purple flowers that look like daisies and are native to eastern and central Northern America. It cures cases of blood dyscrasia, symptoms of blood poisoning or general septic conditions. It is very effective in various STDs. It is used to ease redness and stinging of skin eruptions in genital herpes.

  • Nitricum Acidum:  The source is Nitric Acid. It is a great remedy for treating STDs especially Syphilis. It is very efficacious for treating sticking pains as from a splinter, blisters and ulcers in mouth and genitals especially vagina, fissures bleeding or otherwise in rectum or genitals. It also helps in drying up oozing sores and arrest further spread of lesions.

  • Pyrogenium:  Pyrogenium is a mixture of glycerin and artificial sepsin. It is a grea medicine for healing septic states and ulcers of mouth and genitals. 

  • Rhus Toxicondendron:  The source is Poison Oak. It is also  known as poison vine, poison ivy or mercury vine. It is a great curative for red elevated skin eruptions with itching and burning, which develop into vesicles or blisters. The symptoms are accompanied with restlessness. It is found in abundance in the woodlands of North America.

It is in market for quite some time and proven

Herpiset is in market for at least 10 years. It is very difficult for a product to stay in market for so long if it is not genuine.

Quite affordable

It seems the product is fairly priced in comparison to other products available in the market for the same purpose.

Money back guarantee

This product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so it is easy to try this product without much worry.

So many testimonials

Testimonials of customers about a product indicate the level of satisfaction a product can offer. In addition to this one can get an idea about the challenges the other patients face during genital herpes treatments.

Lastly, for genital herpes treatments, you have to begin somewhere and have to trust somebody and something. In my opinion, Herpeset  remains a better remedy if not the best, to start with. Rest all rests upon your ability to choose and desire to act decisively.


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