Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Vaccine For Herpes?

If everything goes well, we are likely to have a "Vaccine  for herpes."

It's not only expected to put the virus on remission, but also it is going to prevent people from giving the HSV to somebody. Well, if it works. Presently it is under testing at the Center for Clinical Studies.

As per the scientists, this herpes vaccine has to be stored below 80 to retain its efficacy. Patients who have agreed to undergo the blind test would not be told whether they receive the vaccine or a placebo. As per the procedure the patients participating in this test are going to receive a series of three shots, either placebo or the actual  vaccine. 

The concept of this vaccine come from the observation of people who haven't contacted the HSV virus even of they have been exposed to it. This vaccine for herpes is going to boost the immune system to a level where the patients are not going to have any outbreak. This seems like a good idea, but the test result can only confirm if they are going to succeed.

Watch the video for more information on a new Herpes vaccine- wait for sometime till the ads finish playing...

That's not all. In another development, Genocea Biosciences, a Cambridge company is ready for clinical trial of a new vaccine for herpes. By the time you read this post the vaccine will be hopefully on trial in clinics. They have already   presented results of two studies   in May this year.

This herpes vaccine is named GEN-003 and is an investigational  vaccine for genital herpes.

GEN-003 takes a different approach to put the HSV2 virus on remission. Other vaccines start with stimulating antibodies, so the virus is taken care of. This vaccines is going to stimulate T-cells to fight HSV-2. The company is using a new protein, Matrix M2 to achieve the T-cell stimulation. This protein is an adjuvant and this company has the exclusive license to use it in the vaccine.

American Association of Immunologists has found these studies to be positive. If approved, the company is going to enter market for further clinical tests.

It seems we are near a breakthrough for an effective herpes vaccine. So be it!


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