Saturday, January 8, 2011

Genital Herpes in Women

Genital Herpes in women is a bit different from that in men. The cause of the diseases in both men and women is no different; it is the same Simplex II or   HSV-II. It is very difficult to make a comparison of the intensity of a disease basing on sexes, however, under general conditions a woman is the worst sufferer.

The uniqueness of genital herpes in women is purely due to the uniqueness of woman anatomy and physiology.

Men and women, in spite of all the similarities, have distinct dissimilarities in anatomy and physiology. When it comes to the comparison of genito-urinary systems and functions, the dissimilarities are striking. Genital Herpes being a disease primarily of the sexual system, manifests differently in different sexes.

Genital Herpes in women has the following characteristics.

  • Women are very prone to infection
  • The first outbreak is more painful
  • The time taken is more for symptoms to disappear
  • Subsequent attacks may come frequently
  • The suppressive treatment is least successful and dangerous
  • A cure takes more time

The purpose of this article is not to frighten the women with genital herpes, but to indicate the ordeal which lies ahead of them. With sufficient caution and correct type of treatment, they can easily get rid of this.

Women are very prone to infection
External Eruptions Around Vagina
 When it comes to automation and auto maintenance of any machine or system, there is nothing like a living body. Out of all the living body designs, human body is a wonderful design marvel, the acme of all creations in the living world. It is a perfect synthesis of the gross and the subtle, crudest of matter and the finest. And again when it comes to the body of a woman, it is the most complex. Reason of this complexity is the overwhelming number of automated systems, sub-systems, sub-sub-systems and their interdependence and co-ordination. Perhaps the greatest wonder is to replicate its own species. All these systems are hormone and enzyme controlled.

When we make a comparison of the male and female anatomy, particularly the reproductive system, the female system is more intricate and internal. The male penis is an external lump of flesh covered with skin, whereas the vagina is internally folded and lined with mucosal cells. All mucosal cells are provided with constant wetness and micronutrients to fulfill its function. As microbes need water or moisture to survive, the vagina becomes a potential fertile breeding ground for micro organisms and hence, naturally prone to microbe attacks. In the other hand, most part of the penis except the tip of the glans and the urethral opening is covered with skin. Skin, as it have a cutaneous cover at the periphery, the epidermis,  is naturally protected. The epidermis protects the dermis and the sub-cutaneous layer from the microbes. Hence, a woman becomes more prone to an infection of genital herpes than a man.

For preventing a virus attack, the vitality of emotion is as important as the vitality of body. Women in general are less vital emotionally, so more prone to an infection and recurrence.

The first outbreak is more painful

Internal Eruptions Inside Vagina
The symptoms of the first outbreak are  fever, head ache, loss of appetite, thirst and body/muscle ache, high colored urine, pain or burning in the urethra, swelling and tenderness of the lymph nodes in the groin area,  lot of lassitude and a debilitated  patient. In case of women, vaginal discharges are mostly observed with a feeling of misery. There are blisters inside and around vagina. Depending upon the physical and emotional state of the individual the intensity of the symptoms may vary. In severe cases of genital herpes in women there will be many blisters deep inside vagina. 

One of the very prominent aspects of  herpes blisters is these are very itchy. In case of eruptions around male genitals, the itching is manageable, but it is very difficult to manage an itch of  herpes on vagina or an "itchy clit". In the process of  itching the itch out, the patient injures the delicate tissue and opens up the scabs on the blisters, there by delaying the healing process.  Herpes ulcerations are a nightmare as far as itching is concerned.

HSV-II is a virus that finds itself taking up residence in the sacral ganglion at the base of the spine. From there, it recurs in the genital area in the form of blisters or pimple like pustules.  These blisters form and eventually break scabbing over until fully healed.  Breakouts do vary in length of time and severity usually lasting anywhere from 10-14 days.

The time taken is more for symptoms to disappear

The blisters in "herpes vaginale" or inside vagina mature, break and heal  slowly as the drying up process takes more time in moist areas. Same process of maturing of blisters is also applicable to eruptions around vagina, but it takes less time to heal.

Subsequent attacks may come frequently

Most women are very delicate physically and emotionally. So, it is very probable that they become susceptible to the virus with minor adversities in the external sphere. Due to frequent relapses the suppressive treatment is not very successful. On the other hand,  frequent intake of antiviral medication has its share of dangerous side effects too. Keeping the above in view, it becomes difficult for a woman genital herpes patient to get a lasting cure. 

Now comes the most important question ~ What are you searching for?

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